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7 - 23 November 2014



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TULCA 2009

Tulca Festival 2009 Curated by Helen Carey

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TULCA CATALOGUE 2013 Golden Mountain

Welcome to TULCA Festival 2013

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TULCA 2011

TULCA Festival 2012 Curated by Gregory McCartney

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Domestic Godless- Seaweed Vodka/Martini

Roll over Rick Stein and tell Nigella the news Stephen Brandes, The Domestic Godless absurdist gastronomic art collective

‘Quenelles of Goldfish’, ‘Piglet Brains and Barley Wine’, ‘Chilli-Chocolate Songbird Hearts’, ‘Fag-Ash & Seaweed Anti-Cupcake’; these might sound like ingredients from a Monty Python sketch but in fact they are all from menus dreamt up by the fiendishly fertile imaginations of The Domestic Godless, an absurdist gastronomic art collective from[…]

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