An Artist in Every Place produced by TULCA for Galway 2020


Making Waves is the title for Galway 2020  – Making Waves ‘will be a catalyst for a future of inclusivity, participation and cultural sustainability.’

An Artist in Every Place – is one strand of the Making Waves programme. 


Cultural/Lead Producer: Galway 2020 & TULCA LTD

Partners: InSitu, Visual Arts Ireland, UZ Arts, CREATE

Leeuwarden / Matera / Rijeka

Regional Partners: All Local Authorities

EU Themes: Language, Landscape, Migration


Programme Description: ‘Galway intends for this to be the most significant programme of artist residencies and engagements in Ireland. We aim to have An Artist in Every Place and to create opportunities for artists to develop interesting, new and sustainable practice in Galway and across Europe. It will work on the principle that high-quality arts projects can be based anywhere, in our towns, villages, in our city, on farms, in schools and that networking across borders can occur from anywhere in Europe. The Programme will draw on a shared cultural heritage and will have three distinct complementary and interconnected strands – ‘Make, Connect, Commission’. It opens Irish and Galway artists up to European influences and exchanges, and will address the professional isolation that many artists here and in Europe experience. Over four years we will invade, occupy and inhabit everyday places and spaces through cultural activity and installations that will, beyond, 2020, provoke Galwegians and visitors alike not only to see, but to expect to see, art and artists in every place in Galway.’


To summarise the aims for An Artist in Every Place are:


  • To develop An Artist in Every Place, as the largest public art programme in Europe, exploring the framework of artist residences as a model
  • To develop methodologies which will both enable and encourage artists to work ‘in every place’. In other words, to enable collaborations between artists, communities, business, tourism, schools, etc which will create opportunities for artists to develop new and sustainable practices.
  • To ensure that the projects initiated are of a high-quality and will be able to stand up to scrutiny of mainstream critical artistic analysis and evaluation
  • To develop models of Networking and Mobility, local, regional, national and international.
  • To develop new models of community integration, which will tackle problems of isolation – both the professional isolation of artists, and isolation faced by communities, particularly in rural areas. 

galway 2020 tulca_landscape_72dpi