TULCA is thrilled to be working with Galway 2020.

Producing a special edition of our festival as part of the Digital Capital of Culture in 2020.


This exciting project, that seeks to problematize the prevailing role of technology in our lives is currently in the research and development phase. We plan to bring creative collisions on both a grand and intimate scale that offer audiences the same opportunities to be inspired, provoked and to evolve that are the hallmarks of the TULCA experience.


TULCA 2020 seeks to unpack the peril and potential of technology which increasingly mediates and infiltrates our lives.

TULCA 2020 proposes a space of critical engagement where artists, audiences and communities will problematise their digital lives in different ways.

TULCA 2020 asks if the purveyors of new technologies and their future visions can be brought to account by a renewed image of local empowerment: that their infinite promise be filtered through the pressing needs of multiple communities in a locale such as this?

TULCA 2020 will operate as an invigorated point of exchange or a new kind of praxis, between a local ecology and global enterprise. Such a project could imagine the agora less a physical space than a virtual one in our physical world. An agora known only through its framing of ethical action performed in an ever-shifting un-diminishing space.



galway 2020 tulca_landscape_72dpi